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Please Don't Book The Fake LIME !

You should know that JOY DORRIS and ROB HUBERTZ have never sung on ANY Lime recording yet they have been appearing as Lime without authorization from the true recording artists (Denis and Denyse LePage) nor have they received any approval from Unidisc Records

Lime News!

Hello Lime Fans!

We're BACK and ready to hit the tour season with a vengeance. Our booking agents are accepting show dates as you read this. In the meantime, check back often for show dates here and on our Lime Facebook pages:

Lime Fans International featuring Denyse LePage and Jean Claude Beliveau

Lime-The Original Denyse LePage

Please be aware that the fakes have their own Facebook page so please refrain from visiting "Lime the Group" as it's all propaganda, innuendo and hearsay and yes we are diligently dealing with it legally.

If you are interested in booking Lime in your favorite club or venue, please feel free to contact our agent:

Linda Lewis

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For management/publicity information:

Robb Cooper

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Much love from Denyse and Jean Claude!



Lime featuring Denyse LePage and Jean Claude Beliveau



Lime is a Canadian Hi-NRG/post-disco group from Montreal, Quebec. The group was composed of husband and wife team, Denis and Denyse LePage.

In 1979, Denis LePage wrote, arranged and released an instrumental 12" single record called "The Break" under the name Kat Mandu. The single was successful and peaked at number three on Billboard's Disco chart.

Denyse Le Page also wrote and sang on the record "Dancin' The Night Away" under the name Voggue. In between the Kat Mandu project, the LePage’s also produced and arranged music for numerous studio productions, notably for acts signed to Prelude Records. Including the year 1981 which brought a worldwide hit single and album recorded by Carol Jiani, "Hit N Run Lover" /“Mercy” written by Sandy Wilbur.

Lime released their debut album “Your Love” in 1981. The title track was a worldwide Gold record, a #1 Billboard Disco-chart hit which also appeared in the 1982 movie "Summer Lovers".

The year 1982 saw the release of Lime's second album Lime II and the release of one of their best- known hits: "Babe We're Gonna Love Tonight" and “You’re My Magician” and then in 1983 Lime released “Lime 3”, featuring "Guilty" and "Angel Eyes".

The year 1984, Lime released "Sensual Sensation" and the single “Take It Up” Their next album was “Unexpected Lovers” and the title track became another worldwide hit. 1986's release, “Take the Love”, gave Lime two more chart hits: "Gold Digger" and "Cutie Pie"


Denis left the group in 1998 to focus on his solo career. Denyse began writing and composing for other artists and taking time to raise her daughter who has become a successful artist in her own right.

Denyse Le Page, master rights owner of the group’s name and music catalogue, with Unidisc Records music catalogue.

Denyse has made a successful comeback working with Chris Cowley, a German producer for KHB Recordings who has released her 2019 single “Agent 808”. Her new tracks were recorded at Studio Paysage in Montreal, Quebec and at Watch Your Head Studio in Wiesbaden, Germany.

 Denyse and well-known Canadian singer Jean Claude Beliveau will continue to perform as Lime beginning in late 2019 exclusively represented by Robb Cooper Media Management.

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Cissy Katz, event planner

Chris Cowley's AGENT 808 featuring Denyse LePage

New Release on KHB Music - January 11, 2019

click here for Agent 808 video